Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why I have been away from my blog

This is one of my many projects that need a little help. I am painting it a soft light green, looks real good.... It will be in the store in a few days.

These are the chairs that go with the table and I also have a hutch. I think they are from the 1960's.

The picture above is the bottom half of the hutch. I am taking the amber glass out of the doors and replacing it with clear glass. Thanks to my friend Wilma for calling me, so that I could save these pieces from the big junk truck!!!

I am still trying to figure out this blogging thing and moving pictures around my posts. I am a little scared.........thanks to my daughter for her help over the phone. I hope I can remember how I did this today. She told me that she was going to be checking up on my next few posts..........Love you, Sweetheart.