Monday, March 23, 2009

The Green Pea Boutique Gets Press on Design Bitz

I was so excited when a talented designer and fellow blogger asked if she could "interview" me and use The Green Pea Boutique for her blog! What a compliment! And so I wanted to introduce my cute friend Michele Beatty and her blog Design Bitz. Check out our interview here!

Michele Beatty of Design Bitz

I met Michele when she wandered into my store one day. She struck up a conversation and we talked about her interior design work. She has a penchant for eclecticism, mixing up conversation antique pieces with contemporary design. She told me that she is very conscientious about choosing design elements that are affordable for her clients. She struck me as very authentic and very in tune to her clients' needs, and I like what she says on her website, "Our homes are very important to us; it is where we tell our story."

Thank you, Michele, for your wonderful article! I hope to see you soon! And readers, please check the link and post comments!! We love comments!!