Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Party at The Green Pea

This is my dear friend Terry. She offered to help set the tables for our Family Christmas Party. She called it playing and came to the store four days and played all by herself. Thank you, my very special friend. I would have never have made it without your help.... The store was very busy and I helped the customers while Terry puttered around the tables always with a lovely smile. She even gave me a hand when I got to busy with customers.

Terry used three sets of different white dishes that I had. She mixed and matched them using green and white dish towels as napkins on a burlap table cloth. There was three long tables with 30 place settings, it was beautiful. I wish I had taken more pictures.

Here are a few of my wonderful sister in-laws chatting with each other. It was a happy and cheerful evening for all. Outside there were hundreds of parents with their children watching the Santa Parade on Main Street. After the parade was over the children roasted marshmallows and had hot chocolate into the evening. We could see them in the park across for the store. Seems as we were all having a good time. Talk about festive!

A couple more sisters. They made a joke to me about ordering The Santa Parade for the Christmas dinner. I told them, Oh! it was nothing just some of my friends that wanted to help make the evening fun.....