Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Zack and Rusty Treasures

This is our new little fella Zack. He is enjoying meeting all of the family. The chickens, cats, dogs, sheep and many more friends. Mom said, "you need to get along or you can't be part of this family. So far so good, I seem to be getting along just fine.

Hey! do you see that Barney is sticking his tongue out at me? He thinks he is so smart sitting in the truck with all of the rusty treasures.........

Soon these will be in The Green Pea I am getting ready for Spring already. See the great Motel lawn chairs. Just look at the old wheelbarrow, it would be great to plant your flowers or herbs in.

Oh look! a old chippy screen door, iron beds, ironwork trim. Mr. Husband will be real happy to see all this go to the store. I wonder why he built a tall fence around my treasures?

I must have really liked this pile of know, treasures. I had to show the picture twice.