Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Tale of the Three Stools

This last weekend I went to a local flea market with the goal of finding myself one industrial sitting stool to use in my sewing room. I wanted to be able to sit at my raised cutting table, then tuck it beneath the table when not in use.

I found a matching pair with adjustable legs and I couldn't resist purchasing them both. My mom always likes to see my projects whenever she visits and try her hand at whatever I am doing, so the second stool would be handy for her, or a friend.

I loaded my stools up and then returned to shop with my granny cart. It wasn't ten minutes later that I came across another interesting iron stool, with wood slats and a rush backing. The little French girl in me couldn't resist purchasing it too.

I zipped them home and washed them up, then took a sander to the wood slats to bring them to their natural state.