Friday, June 10, 2011

A New Change for The Green Pea

Well, I have been very busy selling my treasures for the last 5 months, trying to make some room for a few friends that will be renting booths in the Pea. I am really looking forward to having some real fun and a little more time off. This week we are adding some more lighting. My computer program has arrived and I will be learning how to use it! Oh, goody! Hopefully, it will make the bookkeeping easy. I have 27 people on the waiting list. I am going to start off with the larger booths first and as my things clear out, I will add some smaller spaces.

I am so happy to have sold this rustic, hand made piece above (lesson learned). I sold it three times. It was so big that it did not fit in two of the houses. After I sold it the third time, I asked the couple if it looked nice in their home. They said, it was in storage because they were remodeling their home....I sure hope it fits in when they are finished remodeling.

How do you like the color of this old cream can? It sure does POP!

These old doors with their wavy glass, are going to be used on the wall at the head of the bed. The doors were a pretty old shabby blue and they had all their original hardware on them. The old hinges were a shell shape. I think it is a great idea.