Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update: my daughter's guest bedroom

While I am here in Texas visiting my daughter, I wanted to show you an update to her guest bedroom. I posted here about her padded headboard project that she was working on. Remember this picture? Boy, a lot has been done since then!!

The guest bedroom last fall

When we last saw her room, she had already padded the headboard and she was having me help her tuft it. Remember this?

Helping my daughter tuft the headboard

Perfectly placed buttons!

So here's what it looks like today! What a revolution!

The room today

My daughter made a matching linen pleated bedskirt out of the same fabric as the headboard. Then she sewed a duvet cover in the same colorway as the toile background, and trimmed it with gray velvet. The bolster pillow is also made from that same gray velvet, and she embroidered an "O" for their family initial. She is using gold accents. The pillow is bordered with gold silk, picking up on the gilded watercolor frames.

Doesn't this look comfy?

Mr. Pea hung the headboard for her on the wall when he came to visit her a few weeks ago. He also hung the swinging arm lamps on the wall on either side of the bed. My daughter made drapes for the windows out of the plain linen and edged the leading edge with the gray velvet. She is in the process of upholstering the cornice board that Mr. Pea made for her to go over the double windows. (I'll have to show pictures of that later!)

Room still in progress

Right now she's on the prowl for a second bedside table and artwork. This first table we see in this picture was a nice find. I actually spotted it in a store that was getting rid of its display props. It's a capital column made out of a heavy resin and she bought it for $10. She took it home and spray-painted it a glossy black. It's hard to photograph; the pictures just don't do it justice.

Mr. Pea did a lot in this guest room! Last fall he made her this headboard out of wood. Then he made her the soon-to-be revealed cornice board. He installed the headboard on the wall and installed the lamps. So my daughter has dedicated this room to him and, to his delight, made sure he was the first one to get to sleep in it when he visited last month.

And remember that rescue puppy that my daughter had just brought home the last time I visited her?

Judge at 6 months

He's almost a year old now and he just recently graduated from intermediate obedience classes! He started his advanced class this week.

Judge the graduate!