Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Road Trip to the Mission Inn

Jim and I traveled down South for the weekend to celebrate his sister and brother in-laws 60th Anniversary. We had a wonderful time with all of the family there. Here are some of the photos I took of the Inn. It was so beautiful with the many gardens and walking paths. There were several outdoor parties going on, and I also spotted two wedding receptions on the upper level. What a nice place to get married, the Chapel was booked for another wedding so I could not take any pictures of it. Someone there told me that there was a wedding in the Chapel every 2 hours that day.

You can see the new Bride talking to her Flower Girl on the balcony, she was having photos taken.
Here is the Bride waving her veil over the railing.

Here again is another Bride and Groom. I was having so much fun taking photos of their wonderful day. The weather was cool and everyone seem to be having a good time. I did manage to go across the street for a couple of hours and antique before dinner.