Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Projects

This a beautiful dresser, all it needs is a good cleaning and a linen white paint job. What do you think about changing the hardware? I believe these are original , how would crystal look?

This is the matching head/foot board I plan on painting it too. I think I might use them for a while in my guestroom.

I have for some time wanted to make a bathroom vanity from a nice dresser. I finally found just what I was looking for, one with a bad top. I plan on having a piece of marble cut for the top. I will blog it when I am finished. I will have to get Mr. Pea to customize the drawers for the plumbing. He is still busy with the back part of the building. He should be finished soon, we are hopefully wishing!!!!

Here is the top, the wood is peeling up and the finish is to far gone. Marble will look beautiful on the top and I like that the dresser will have a new purpose. Everything needs a change once in a while.

Now, I absolutely feel in love with this old German WWII ammunition trunk from Italy. The green paint has a wonderful patina. After a little sanding and a clear coat I would like to try it in my family room, as a coffee table or side table between two chairs.