Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reinventing my Treasures

I have been working on taking some old sewing machines apart so that I can use the treadle for a table base. Since I have a hard time throwing anything away, I made a frame/hanger from the wooden frame that holds the sewing machine. I took the machine out and sold it by itself for $30 I am thinking I can part it out for more than selling all together!

I have two old oak table tops I plan on putting on these bases. My friend had a thick piece of beveled glass cut for her treadle base and made a hall entry table. It was very nice you could see all the details of the treadle through the glass top.

This is a unique double bed frame, the headboard is the same height as the footboard. Do you think it is to wide to make a daybed out of it?

I just love rusty old small wagons! Think of all the fun some kids had playing with this one.
Well, have a Sunday and I am going to have a fun day off. Maybe go for a ride in the country after Church. Blessings, Sandi