Saturday, July 3, 2010

Final Projects

This will be the last time for spray painting in the old livery stable. All of the rooms will be finished in a few months (I hope). The doors all had to be custom made. The doorways had large openings for horses to go through. My husband Jim made these doors out of redwood 2x6's. I love the way they finished out. Whenever I show the doors to my customers they want to put a order in for theirs, I think not. We have our home to finish also. It was put on hold so we could work on the Pea. It has been just over three years that Jim has worked on my store. He is a love and he is so good to me. It has always been a dream to have my own store.

This is a before of the walls. I will be posting a photo when it is finished. We are still deciding what to cover the stairs with or maybe just painting them.

These doors are so heavy it takes two men to move them around.

I am so excited about these front doors and sidelights. I still have the original double wooden stable doors. I will use them in the store one day. They are stored away right now.
I wish you all a safe 4th of July. sandi