Monday, June 29, 2009

Heat wave in Escalon

I am so glad I took these pictures in the arbor last week. Yesterday was a record temperature of 111, wow! the chickens, horses, dogs, birds, sheep, cat all needed to be hosed down or sprayed with water. Today is a little cooler, it is 103 right now. The store is pretty quite I think everyone is staying home with their air on. Sounds like a nice plan to me. Hope you enjoy a few pictures of my garden. I can not show you to much because I have been spending to much time at the Pea, and not gardening.

This is my little guy, the plants are starting to take over his space. I told him it will be okay soon, I will get the clippers out and we will fix that problem. All right some hardy Californians just came in out of the heat, back to work for me.