Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Quick Walk in the Pea

Here is a wonderful rocking Motel chair in the picture above. These are not easy to find in CA I am very happy when I find one to sell. They are so comfortable to sit and rock in on the porch or patio. They can look so cozy with a pillow on them.

One of my sweet friends just bought this metal table . She will be giving the table a new color and wait until you see what her plans for her dinning room are with it!!! She has shared them with me and I can hardly wait to see for myself.......She is so talented with her decorating I am sure it will look beautiful.

I am not sure what this mirrored piece is really for. I thought it would be a nice entry piece that you could use to store your mail, keys, purse, wallet etc. in the cubby. It can also hang on the wall or sit on a table.