Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A walk in The Green Pea

This is a beautiful chalkboard , the picture does not show how beautiful the frame really is. It lasted in the store about 20 minutes. Danella has just the right spot for the new chalkboard, I thought that its large size might make it harder to sell. I so wanted to have it in the store for a while, because it is so beautiful.......... Oh well!!!

This chalkboard turned out sooooo cute!!! I papered the inside with hymnal music sheet paper and had new glass shelves cut for the cabinet (old medicine cabinet), the mirror was broken on the door. So a chalkboard it became!!!

I love the gold frame on this chalkboard, it shows off the blackboard so well. I also made one and painted it black too. This lovely tray did not last very long either.

Here is a beautiful double headboard, it was stamped year 1925. I was sorry that I had to split up the set. There was a vanity with a bench, high boy, night stands and headboard. They are all in new homes now, no longer together.

Have a wonderful week and talk to you soon. Sandi