Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meet Mr. Pea

My Texan daughter called the other day and said, "Let's go shopping at Canton next month!" After a quick scramble to find a flight deal online, our rendezvous was on! Oo-la-la, so much to do and see in Texas! Flea markets, the Dallas Trade Mart, the Design District---enough shopping to fill an entire week! To boot, my daughter will have her guest bedroom with the padded headboard put together in time for my stay and a mini photo shoot. How exciting!

I also have some new blogging friends that I would love to meet face to face while I am in Canton!

Some tastey treasures found here in Escalon

Back here at the home front, I have an important person to introduce you to. I'm embarrassed that I have not introduced this person to you sooner, as he has been instrumental in the very existence of The Green Pea. He has labored on the building everyday for two years until its grand opening, and has been my go-to handyman ever since. When I tell you that he is multi-talented, this is an understatement. This man has been my electrician and my plumber. He has installed my floors and has opened up and reinforced my basement. He has threaded a vacuum system through these century-old walls. He has preserved the integrity of this old building and has done so obligingly. Even more amazing is that he willingly has taken all this direction out of his sentiments for me---his wife.

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Pea.

Mr. Pea assessing the door and archway he built

You are bound to find Mr. Pea staying busy around the store someplace. Here he is checking out the custom door he constructed. The doorway was so large he had to brick it in to make it a smaller opening. This area was once a livery stable and this doorway was wide enough to lead a horse through! (Poor Mr. Pea; he was once a golfer and look now what I have him doing!!)

More of Mr. Pea's handiwork

Currently Mr. Pea is laying down bricks in different rooms. He is even bricking the floor beneath the staircase that is now closet space. These bricks have yet to be grouted. I will update you with more pictures as he finishes. Hurry, Mr. Pea, I have some other projects I haven't told you about yet!! (Stay tuned for those too.)