Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mr. Pea's Custom Bookcases

I mentioned in a prior post that Mr. Pea went out to visit our daughter in Texas for 5 days. My daughter likes to sew and she has a spare bedroom upstairs in her house that she had converted into a sewing room. She was running out of space to keep all of her fabrics, so she asked her dad to build her some built-ins with shelving. To keep the integrity of the bedroom in case it ever needed to be converted back, they created two "bookcases" on either side of a window and a window seat. The window seat has three drawers in it for her to keep her patterns.

My daughter took pictures for me of their busy week and just sent them my way. They ran out of time and didn't get the entire project completed, but I think it turned out just fabulous! Plus it gives Mr. Pea another excuse to visit our daughter again.

Our daughter is thrilled with the way it turned out.

Mr. Pea in his Texas workshop

Mr. Pea showed up for the task with a suitcase full of all kinds of goodies---a sander, nail guns, glues, clamps, etc. We were all surprised he got through security at the airport!

Routing the side of the bookcases

The bedroom is pictured below. The wall with the window is where the bookcases will go. Mr. Pea thought it was best to assemble the bookcases in the room itself since they were supposed to go to the ceiling.

The sides of the bookcases with the routed edges

Measuring to be sure the cases were "square"

Mr. Pea and Brad nailing in the backing

Sliding the first bookcase into place

Two cases installed!!

The window seat barely squeezed in!

Trimming the outside of the cases

Just beautiful!

Mr. Pea even added moulding to the top and to the baseboard

The bookcases caulked and sanded

This was as far as Mr. Pea got on the project. The hard part is over! Our daughter will cut and trim the shelving herself, then paint. She plans on sewing a window treatment and a matching seat cushion. Next time Mr. Pea goes out, he will complete the drawers.

I think Mr. Pea loves his daughter; don't you??