Saturday, April 4, 2009

Old Town Escalon, California

Downtown Escalon, my building is the one with the flat awning . Look! dirt roads, horses and cars all along Main Street. My building was built in 1906 and most of the town burnt to the ground in 1920. I do not know the date of this picture but it's somewhere in between those dates.

Look at this beautiful old oak train station bench. It originally had six iron arm rests (I was told that the iron rests would keep anyone from being able to lie down on the bench). When the bench was no longer needed in the train station the city used it in the park in the state of Washington. Eventually it was purchased by a family in WA and they moved to Escalon. I bought it at an estate sale some years ago. The condition is great and it should be around for many years to come.

Here are some burlap hand made place mats with Bon Appe'tit embroidered acrossed them. They have sold very well, I have about eight of them left. Hurry if you are interested......

Blessings, Sandi