Monday, June 29, 2009

Heat wave in Escalon

I am so glad I took these pictures in the arbor last week. Yesterday was a record temperature of 111, wow! the chickens, horses, dogs, birds, sheep, cat all needed to be hosed down or sprayed with water. Today is a little cooler, it is 103 right now. The store is pretty quite I think everyone is staying home with their air on. Sounds like a nice plan to me. Hope you enjoy a few pictures of my garden. I can not show you to much because I have been spending to much time at the Pea, and not gardening.

This is my little guy, the plants are starting to take over his space. I told him it will be okay soon, I will get the clippers out and we will fix that problem. All right some hardy Californians just came in out of the heat, back to work for me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Quick Walk in the Pea

Here is a wonderful rocking Motel chair in the picture above. These are not easy to find in CA I am very happy when I find one to sell. They are so comfortable to sit and rock in on the porch or patio. They can look so cozy with a pillow on them.

One of my sweet friends just bought this metal table . She will be giving the table a new color and wait until you see what her plans for her dinning room are with it!!! She has shared them with me and I can hardly wait to see for myself.......She is so talented with her decorating I am sure it will look beautiful.

I am not sure what this mirrored piece is really for. I thought it would be a nice entry piece that you could use to store your mail, keys, purse, wallet etc. in the cubby. It can also hang on the wall or sit on a table.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A walk in The Green Pea

This is a beautiful chalkboard , the picture does not show how beautiful the frame really is. It lasted in the store about 20 minutes. Danella has just the right spot for the new chalkboard, I thought that its large size might make it harder to sell. I so wanted to have it in the store for a while, because it is so beautiful.......... Oh well!!!

This chalkboard turned out sooooo cute!!! I papered the inside with hymnal music sheet paper and had new glass shelves cut for the cabinet (old medicine cabinet), the mirror was broken on the door. So a chalkboard it became!!!

I love the gold frame on this chalkboard, it shows off the blackboard so well. I also made one and painted it black too. This lovely tray did not last very long either.

Here is a beautiful double headboard, it was stamped year 1925. I was sorry that I had to split up the set. There was a vanity with a bench, high boy, night stands and headboard. They are all in new homes now, no longer together.

Have a wonderful week and talk to you soon. Sandi

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Walk in the Garden with Terry and Sid

Meet Terry and Sid.

This couple lives right here in Escalon and I will give you a little tour of their beautiful gardens and patio. Terry enjoys hosting tea parties for her many friends. What fun to attend one of these events!!

Sid makes sure that the yard is blooming with flowers and looking beautiful. He trims, clips, and cleans and Terry bakes, cooks, and sets a beautiful table. She takes great pride in cooking everything from scratch. I can vouch for her that her cooking/baking is fantastic! I have been the lucky recipient of such yummies!

What a fantastic team this couple makes! How lovely it must be to be surrounded by such creative beauty!

Thank you, Terry and Sid, for sharing these photos!