Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas

Are you all ready for Christmas yet? It is very cold here in California and we are going to get 13 feet on snow in the mountains today.

It seems that the year has gone so quickly, a new year will be here soon. I wish all of my blog followers a Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year. Thank you all for your emails and comments of encouragement this past year. It has been my pleasure to meet so many of you in person. A thank you to all of my loyal customers for shopping at The Pea. May God Bless all of you and your family always.

I will be painting the walls in the livery stable next week. It should be completely finished by the end of January. Jim will be making a few work stations. We are going to make them like (saddle up stalls). Our last big project!

I just think these chairs are so cute! The backs of them are so unique. There was a set of six. I priced them individually and only have the Captain chair left. Mix and match is popular now and that is a good thing.

My new cute Garden Table. It has a wonderful natural patina and the colors are so cheery. The hand painted flowers and the green edging with its worn wear look great! This is one table I tried to make room for at home......but no, its for sale!

Have a great weekend. sandi

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Purex Red Wing Jug

One of my favorite pieces of pottery. This man just had to have the jug for himself.
He is a Red Wing collector and spotted it down stairs. After looking at it up close he begged and begged until I said I would sell it to him. He was so happy to take it home with him. I found it 20 years ago and enjoyed it very much. It was in perfect condition. For years the farmer that I bought the jug from, stored home made wine in it. He was an Italian man that enjoyed his wine. I didn't even know the value of the jug when I bought it or that Red Wing was collectible.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vineyard in California

A few weeks ago my husband and I drove to Santa Barbara. On our way we spotted a vineyard that was covered with a netting to keep the birds from eating the grapes.
It was nice for the pickers because it was shady and cooler while picking. I have never seen this before. Where we live, the farmers use blank shotguns set to go off every 60 seconds or so. It works well to scare to birds away.

They were as far as the eye could see long.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


When I visit my daughter in Texas we make a day trip to Canton. I buy most of my signs from there. They are hand painted with a bible scripture on the backside of each sign. The lady that paints them is soooo sweet. She and her husband work the both together. I can't wait to make the trip again. The next trip I am going to visit my friends Girls gone Junkin (Cathy and Deidra). Their both is always wonder and so much fun to see. There is Maggie (Veranda) and LaurieAnna's new store next to Canton, I just can't wait to visit with them too.

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. May God bless all of you. sandi
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Industrial Table

I recently found this industrial table, I think it would make a great island in the kitchen or a bar for a patio. A friend had a good idea use it as a night stand. One nice feature about a metal table, you don't have to worry about spilling liquid or scrating the finish. It is perfect for the husband to use. I hope you have a nice weekend.
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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Two Visitors

Look who came to visit us on Holloween. Miss Elizabeth and Little Elijah. They were on their way to a church party for some family fun.
This has to be the sweetest little duck I have ever seen. At least it is the only one that I hugged and kissed.
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Lost and Found

I just don't understand how I can do it. Somehow I lost these photos when I was blogging (last time) so I just used whatever photos were left. Now I was going to blog about Elijah and Miss Elizabeth and look what showed up! But where are E and E's photos?

A close-up of the inlay detail on the drawer. This table has been a big hit in the store. One problems is, you need a large room to put in in......

I hope that you all have a great weekend. sandi
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Friday, October 29, 2010

How is your week going?

Mom and I are taking a little R&R this week. Becky and Joni are working at the store. I'm just hanging around the ranch with my friends.

The boy and girls eating a little birds seed. Their daily morning treat in Dad's work shop.

Have a nice day. Mom will be back soon. Barney and friends
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old Library Table

A few months ago I found this old library table, unfortunately someone cut the legs.
Now it is used for a coffee table. The top was painted a dark brown. I sanded the paint off of the top and stained it to match the rest of the table. I like the simple inlay on the drawer front.

What do you think about making new legs for the table? It would make a nice dinning table. Someone mentioned adding to the original legs and making a metal band to cover the seam. What would you do?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Time Tables

This oak draw leaf table is new to the store. It has just been refinished and is a beauty.

A Smart Shopper just purchased this nice oak table with six chairs. It will be nice for the holidays. Good choice Judy!

Here is a sweet little starter table. If you have a small area the leaves will tuck under the table top. It is enamel with a few tiny beauty chips. I love the yellow top with flowers in the corners and the green edging. It is so cozy for that cottage look.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy and Happy

My best friend Betty and her husband George. Celebrating their 60th Anniversary with their family and friends after church. Many of their high school friends also attend. It was a very happy and great day for both of them. May God Bless them with many more years.

This is the beautiful wedding dress that Betty was married in 60 years ago.

After 60 years of marriage they are still so much in love. Betty also is a antique dealer. We have been neighbors and friends for the last 20 years.

Now for the other Happy. Jude is ten years old and we had a nice dinner party for his birthday. It was a busy weekend.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Victorian Table

This table has to be one of my favorites. The extension leaf pops up when you pull the table apart. The leaf stores under the table when it is closed. The table was in pieces when I bought it. The top was off and the leaf did not work. A few days with my handyman and new paint job and look at her now! How do you like her legs?

This table should be good for another 100 years. I hope you have a nice weekend.

Friday, October 8, 2010

New computer

My dear son setting up my new computer for me. What a sweetheart, I have so many silly questions to ask. It is hard for me to make changes and learn how to use new equipment. Yesterday, he was showing me how to store and file my photos. I love the keyboard it is so easy to type with it. This will be my first blog with Mr. Little. Miss Della must have weighed 25 lbs. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Fall Blog Luncheon is Postponed

Our Fall blog luncheon will be postponed until the Spring. Time was getting near and we were so excited to meet all of you. Do to a surgery date conflict, we needed to make this change. We will be posting the new Spring date on our blog. We are sorry for any inconvenience to you. The best to all of you. sandi

Friday, September 24, 2010

Miss Della is Retiring

My computer Miss Della is finished, wants no more to do with me! Fine, Mr. Sony will be happy to take your place soon. You can keep all of my photos to yourself Miss Della. Just wait until I take you into the computer shop! They are going to strip you of everything!!!! No more blogs, emails, surfing the web, or holding all of my photos. I am finished with you too.

Hello to all my blog friends. Sorry it might be a while until I have my new guy (Mr. Sony). I promise as soon as I can, I will be posting again. Until then, I will be reading your blogs. Blessings, sandi

Friday, September 3, 2010

House Call

In my husband's study, I stack the shelves with old medical curiosities from a bygone era.

I like old leather, especially when it's scuffed and worn, and wonderfully textured.

Leather, books, and wood...

..perfect for a man's study.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
God Bless those who serve our country!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Felt It

Do you felt? Well, you should. The internet if full of free designs and free imagination if you're looking for that special handmade gift. Check out this super-easy, super-chic little flower pattern that you can add or subtract from:

Attach it to a hairband and this cute kindergartner is transformed into a pretty, pint-sized senorita:

Attach it to velcro and you can clip it onto a purse, belt, kiddie shoes, or even a dog collar:

My poor boy is blushing!

Check out this cute blog, Yoonie-at-home, for a flower template and some ideas. Happy felting!!