Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Better than a Ladder

Here is our new toy for the store. Now we can reach the 20' ceilings easily and safely. It will also come in handy for any work that is up high. It will be nice for me to wash my windows from the outside. No more ladders!

I think the iron legs on this table are so pretty. It also has four comfortable chairs to match.

This pretty old painted piece with leaded glass doors, was in my house for years. I thought I would bring it in the store. Before I could even put the shelves in and decorate the case, it was sold. Sorry, that's the was it goes sometimes.

This is a new Shaker Farm drop leaf table, look at the inlaid work. It is all hand made, the patina on this old table is wonderful.

When both sides are down the table does not take up much room. You can sit eight people easily when both leaves are up. This is the first Shaker piece I have ever had in the store. It is so simple and so pretty.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Couple of my Favorite Guys

I will start with my faithful guy Barney, bathing in the sun coming through the windows...

Here is my proud son Scott holding his new son, Elijah Scott. Of course Oma thinks they are so wonderful and beautiful......

Elijah opening his eyes, I think it was a lot of hard work for him. He took a little nap after looking at his daddy.

He is just a sweetheart. He sleeps all day and parties at night with Mommy and Daddy....
Can you remember those days? I really do miss them, they passed so quickly...thanks for looking. Oma sandi