Monday, November 23, 2009

Vote for my daughter's living room!

My daughter, Brandy, entered a contest on another blog to win a Restoration Hardware brickmaker's table. Velvet & Linen has teamed up with Mark Sage, the designer for the new Restoration Hardware furniture, to give away three tables (priced at around $1300) for absolutely free! The goal was to prove that this table can look completely different in three different decors.

After over 170 entries were received, my daughter made it to the Top 10! Now it is up to the readers to select the three recipients.

I have shared pictures of my daughter's home before---her sewing room and her guest bedroom that she put together with help from her father. Brandy and her husband love to travel abroad and she has decorated their living space with items she "dragged home on the plane." I think it reflects their lifestyle well!

My daughter riding out in the Sahara Desert. She does not get this sense of adventure from Mom.

Here's the link to the poll. Will you please vote for "Brandy O"? I will be sure to post pictures if she wins that table!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Few New Treasures

Sweet little chopping block island with storage shelf at the bottom.

I really like this Vintage coffee table I painted black. I like the height of this table.

A very carved Vintage marble topped coffee table painted black of course!

My beautiful green bedroom set that I bought from my friend Janice, it was her mother's and Janice turned 85 years old this past March. I love you Janice, you are a Dear Friend..

This is the lovely dresser, chair, mirror and headboard. The night stand and tallboy are not pictured. The set sold in just a few days. So many customers commented on how pretty they thought it was. I was really in love with it too! Not everyone has the room for a set with so many pieces, so I priced it separately or as a set. I was happy that it was sold as a set. After all of those years together I did not want to see it separated. Silly I know!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Barney's Work Day at The Green Pea

Hey Mom, do you have a little time to play ball with me? I am a little bored.

I think I will take a short nap. If someone comes in will you keep your voices down? I am so tired.

I think that it would be nice if I had a pillow or even better a soft new bed, this floor smashes my head.

Wish it was closing time, there is nothing for me to do and I miss my friend Logan. I want to play and all Mom does is work, talk, talk, talk and help customers.

I have just been promoted and this is my very own chair. I am now the store greeter and wear my tie to look professional. I can hardly keep the smile off of my face. How do you think I look?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My New Day Bed and Quilt

This is the iron double bed I bought this past summer. I can just see it in someones sun room.

I purchased two beautiful quilts this summer and this is the second one. It is about 80 years old and is so beautiful. The picture does not do it justice. The first quilt I put on one of my beds because I was having a Open House and it sold the first day. Oh! I really wanted it for myself too.

One nice feature about a double day bed it that you do not have to remove the pillows to take a little nap.

There are so many tiny stitches and this quilt feels so nice to the touch.

This iron bed is unique in that booth ends are the same height. It is painted a light grey and has a few chippies. The swags are so elegant, I wanted to keep it also but I do not have room for it in my house. I just love the colors in this quilt and think it looks so nice with the bed. I hope you all have a good evening.