Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sue and Dan's Booth

This is one of The Pea's venders booth (Sue and Dan). There is a good mix of furniture, jewelry, old cast iron toys, guy things and beautiful women's treasures.
They have a great booth and I hope that you stop in and see for yourself.

Have you ever seen a two sided desk? It is very unique, I wonder what it was used for originally. If anyone knows I would love to hear from you.

I have my eye on the coffee grinder on the wall. I love coffee related items.

If you like old signs, they always have a few in their booth. Dan and Sue I am so glad to have you at the Pea. Happy hunting this Saturday, we have a city wide garage sale here in Escalon.

We are almost finished with the work stations in the back room of the store. Hopefully we will be finished in a few weeks. I need to have Jim at home to finish our home remodeling project. It has been on hold for four years, while we were working on the store.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Summer of 2011

This Summer has been a very busy one. Jim is building kitchen cabinets for one of our sons. I painted them a creamy white with a brown glaze. I will post photos when the counter tops are on and they are in place in the kitchen.

I have been working on the patio area at the store, when the mornings are cool. It should be ready to open for sale items next Spring.

We were very busy getting ready for my new vendors. The start date was July 1. It was a rush all through June 30th. But we made the starting date! Things are going well and it is exciting to see new things coming in everyday. I too have been doing a little shopping! I will post some photos of their booths soon.

We added some wood across the back of the booth for hanging pictures, shelves, etc.

Oh yes, Oma has been playing with Elijah at the store this Summer also. He just loves this red hat. He walks right over and points to it. So of course Oma puts it on his little head. He looks so cute with it on. On July 4th our daughter and her husband had their first baby, Blake Alexander. He is a real sweet too.