Monday, December 14, 2009

Love My New Camera

I have a BIG problem. Sweet little daughter bought a new camera for me a few weeks ago. Oh! I love it, it is fun to point and click. What color do you think she bought for me? Yep, green! My favorite color. It is nice small so I can put it in my pocket and carry it anywhere. My other camera was so big and heavy, I hated to carry it around unless I knew I was going to use it for sure. So many times I would say, " I wish I had taken my camera with me." Now I have no excuses for not taking it with me all of the time. It has been fun snapping pictures of everthing all around town. The only problem now is___ I down loaded the pictures and put them on the computer today. But where are they?? How do I find them? Tomorrow I will call my son and have him stop by and help me find them.... Hopefully soon I will post some pictures of the Family Christmas party at The Green Pea. Let me just say, we had soooooo much fun. Good evening.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Mr. Pea comes from a very large family and is one of twelve children. In the last decade, his siblings have begun a wonderful tradition where they each take turns hosting a Christmas dinner. We look forward to it every December. This year, it is our turn!

Country Living

I thought it would be fun to host our family dinner inside The Green Pea Boutique. For the last two weeks, I have been rearranging my store and moving furniture around in order to make way for buffet tables and dinner tables and places to sit while grazing on hors d'oeuvres. Yesterday I had a dear friend come by and help me iron table cloths and napkins, then decorate the tables. So much work but we are almost there! Saturday the family will begin rolling into town for our big evening together, church the next morning, then a lunch before they head home.

I am very excited.