Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coffee Time at The Green Pea

The morning started off early 5 am. I baked some blueberry muffins, made a fruit salad, sliced some cheese and ham, things were going well. Thought I would get to the store early. First thing to do: filled the large coffee pot with water and measured out the coffee and get it started. It takes a long time to brew. So plugged it in....Oh know! It was broken, it would not perk...called my loyal friend and asked her if I can I use her large coffee pot? Oh know! she had loaned it to someone else. What can I do?? Dear friend (Betty) brought over her little house coffee pot and some warming pots and she started to make coffee for me and filling the warming pots. Bless her, she is such a good friend. I am glad that she came up with the idea. It all turned out wonderful and we had a good time. We even had coffee left over. That was great because some of my family was driving from Canada to Southern CA and stopped in for a visit. We also had a great time catching up on our family. It was an exciting morning.

Just a few of the people who stopped in to chat and have coffee. Of course a little shopping too.

Here are a couple of loyal sweet ladies, I invited them over a month ago and they marked their calendar and did not forget to come. Thank you for getting up early and having coffee with us.

Now you can meet three of the handsome husbands in town. Mine is the one in the middle...

Meet Agatha and Larry, they are Mr. and Mrs. Escalon. Every year Escalon picks a new Mr. and Mrs. this is a very special couple. They own the Ace Hardware Store and everyone knows what good service they will get there. This is a good place to end today...Hope that your day went well too. sandi