Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Garden

Until I can find that round piece of glass to fit this old iron table, I am willing to let the chickens roost on it. They enjoy sitting on it each evening for about an hour before they go to their night time post. It is cute to see them all sitting in a circle. I am not sure who breaks up their little party but soon they are all off to bed.

We have been moving these river stones out of the back yard and into my side garden area.

My favorite flowering bush, it has been blooming for about 2 weeks now. I love the cream edges on the leaves.

I had a pathway in this garden but it is a bit overgrown now. It needs some pruning sometime soon. The gravel needs a little refreshing also. Oh! I could find a lot of things to catch up on at home if I wanted to.

This beautiful ruby red hanging lamp has a little crack in the glass, so I thought I would just enjoy it hanging in my arbor. It is so pretty when the sun shines through . The Hummingbirds seem to love it also.