Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Out and About

Here is a photo of Barney looking for a mouse that got away from him. Lucky for the mouse that Barney was not in his fast mode that morning.

Sometimes I find just the perfect little table for the store. This one was a winner. Small with drop leaves, painted a celery green, built so sturdy and heavy. Lots of charm. I wish I had tables like this come my way more often. It would also be a cute child's table.

I was fast enough to get a photo of this cute head and foot board bed bench. We already took the sweet pillows off it, when I said let me get my camera. Next step was to load the bench in her truck... and she drove away with a big smile on her face.

Here is my old dog Logan. She is a great watch dog. She stays home to keep an eye on the place. She has her eyes on a chicken that is up on a tree stump making a lot of noise.

I made delivery for a special friend and look what she made for me...Oh! does this look good or what? Yes, it was so delicious. I ate the whole thing! She even sent home some for Jim and I for lunch. You know what? Jim ate it all before I told him some was for me.....Thank you Dear friend for the wonderful thoughtful treat. I enjoyed the morning with you...