Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday fun with family

Sunday after church Jim and I visited his sister and her husband in the Bay area. We had a wonderful lunch and relaxed all day. They just remodeled their home and of course she had several boxes of great treasures that she saved just for me. Their home was so beautiful and they are happy to be enjoying it again.

Today I worked on Christmas decorations in the front and side windows at the store. I also had some new arrivals come in. It is always like Christmas opening up the boxes. It is so exciting to see what is in them and put the new items out. I also took a few things home for myself... My son Jim was finishing up on the iron fence and gates around the store. While Scott my youngest son brought his dog Molly by to see us. Molly has not been feeling to well the last day or so. So she went to the vet today. Hopefully her new medicine will help her. Molly was happy to see all of us and visit with Barney(the shopkeeper). Molly was our dog until Scott got married and borrowed her and forgot to return her. Really, Molly is very happy living at Scott's home, she is a only dog now...she gets all of the treats and no more sharing. I hope to have some pictures soon and post them.