Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Few New Treasures

Sweet little chopping block island with storage shelf at the bottom.

I really like this Vintage coffee table I painted black. I like the height of this table.

A very carved Vintage marble topped coffee table painted black of course!

My beautiful green bedroom set that I bought from my friend Janice, it was her mother's and Janice turned 85 years old this past March. I love you Janice, you are a Dear Friend..

This is the lovely dresser, chair, mirror and headboard. The night stand and tallboy are not pictured. The set sold in just a few days. So many customers commented on how pretty they thought it was. I was really in love with it too! Not everyone has the room for a set with so many pieces, so I priced it separately or as a set. I was happy that it was sold as a set. After all of those years together I did not want to see it separated. Silly I know!!