Monday, December 14, 2009

Love My New Camera

I have a BIG problem. Sweet little daughter bought a new camera for me a few weeks ago. Oh! I love it, it is fun to point and click. What color do you think she bought for me? Yep, green! My favorite color. It is nice small so I can put it in my pocket and carry it anywhere. My other camera was so big and heavy, I hated to carry it around unless I knew I was going to use it for sure. So many times I would say, " I wish I had taken my camera with me." Now I have no excuses for not taking it with me all of the time. It has been fun snapping pictures of everthing all around town. The only problem now is___ I down loaded the pictures and put them on the computer today. But where are they?? How do I find them? Tomorrow I will call my son and have him stop by and help me find them.... Hopefully soon I will post some pictures of the Family Christmas party at The Green Pea. Let me just say, we had soooooo much fun. Good evening.