Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Sewing Room Update

I had told my daughter that I would leave her alone for awhile and quit blogging her pictures. Then this last weekend I met some wonderful ladies from San Francisco who specifically traveled to Escalon to visit The Green Pea. They were following my blog and they were loving how my daughter's sewing room was turning out. I couldn't help it---I promised them I would put some more current photos up because that sewing room got even more beautiful.

So I called my daughter to get permission to share more pictures. Enjoy!

This room is upstairs, across the landing from Mr. Pea's guest room. This is entering the room:

My favorite little sconce

This the general layout of the room now. There is a sewing table and a raised table that is dedicated to cutting. This room is very functional and practical.

My daughter got her pegboard painted up. She added a double layer of a Minwax clear coat to help prevent scratches from scuffing up her paint job. She bought some thread holders from Joann's while they were on sale and painted those to match. She also purchased some clear, plastic pegboard bins off of Ebay that are currently en route. She'll store her needle packets and embroidery bobbins and safety pins in them and they'll be easy to see.

Notice that she also painted the matting around her framed maps! The previous green just wasn't doing it for her. It was a quick and inexpensive fix, and I think they blend so much better.

And here's another view with those drop-dead beautiful custom bookcases!! I'm loving that dark chocolate color on the insides---I think it makes them look so rich. My daughter also plans on adding more maps to that wall as she collects them, and hanging them floor-to-ceiling. She and her husband are travellers, so it fits them well.

I'm really liking the functionality of this pegboard. I must admit, when she first told me about her plans for it, I was worried it would look like a garage display.

Here are some of her fabrics folded up in her bookcases. The textures are so wonderful! I'm inspired to get back into sewing!

This is her same toile linen that she used in her father's guest room. She took the palettes in this room from this fabric and will make a window drape and a window seat cushion from it. Hmmm. I guess she will have to share more pictures with us when that comes down the pike!

This is her lovely view outside her window! She has two sparrow families living in the stacked stone behind those corbels. They make a lot of noise out there as they have been prepping their nests.

And lastly, this is the wingback chair that she picked up this last week off of Craig's List. I think she is toying with the idea of slipcovering it in linen as well, and it can interchange between this room and the guest room.

I just wanted to let those sweet ladies from San Francisco know that I appreciate them coming to meet me! What fun!! I hope you continue to follow my blog!

In my next post, I am working on sharing pictures of a local home that was built during the Civil War. Stay tuned! It's beautiful and quite fascinating!