Thursday, August 13, 2009

Take Time To Smell The Flowers

Well, Tuesday I was delivering a few things to my friend Becky's home ( Sweet Cottage Dreams ) and I was in a hurry as usual. Becky asked if I would like a cup of coffee, since I had only had one cup that morning I said, "yes I would love a cup". I had read Becky's blog the night before and it was about her mother's advice on how to: TAKE TIME TO SMELL THE FLOWER'S. So I did just that, my work would wait for me at the store. We had a wonderful time, we talked shop and eat homemade blueberry-banana bread and fresh fruit with a few cups of coffee. Even her dog Fiona (a pretty Wheaton Scottie) had some watermelon with us!!! She loves it... She walk with us everywhere we went around the house. Fiona was not about to miss one thing that Becky was showing me, if it was a new chair and I touched it she would jump right on it and sit there sooooo cute. She is a character. After 2 hours of talking (seemed like 10 min) I was leaving and Sweet Becky had made a loaf of wonderful bread just for me and Mr. Pea. Weeee enjoyed every piece of it too. I think I need to slow down a little and do more visiting with my friends more often.