Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Sweeties and New Treasures

These two young ladies Camille and Josie had the sweetest little smiles. I just had to take their pictures. They bought a sign that read: No boys allowed ! for their bedroom. I hope that your brother gets the hint girls......

I have been finding trunks lately. I love them for coffee tables and also for storage of quilts and what ever.

Here are two new flower frogs. I have a collection of my own and I am always looking for unique frogs. I have some made of pottery, wire, iron & glass but my favorites are the wire ones.

Look at these little cuties, they are hand made and painted. They would be nice for the garden, patio and inside the home. They are vintage and in good condition. Just toooo sweet.

My truck was full and I needed to make two trips of treasures, I was lucky this time. It was all from Escalon, all of this from only two sales. I am trying to not buy projects, love to just clean the new treasures and put them in the store right away. Sooooo nice........ Well, I am not showing the truck because it has about 4 projects in there. Most of them are easy except for one dresser that needs painting. Just can not pass a real deal !!!